Conditional Exercise 3 Present Real Conditional and Present Unreal Conditional

Using the words in parentheses, complete the text below with the appropriate conditional form, then click the "Check" button to check your answers.
Michael: Sharon, I am having some problems at work, and I was wondering if you might be able to give me some advice.

Sharon: Sure, what's the problem?

Michael: The computer sales business is more difficult than I thought. When customers (come) in to look at the new computer models, they often (ask) me which model they should buy. If they (ask) me to suggest a model, I (be) usually quite honest with them. Most computer users don't need a very advanced computer; they just need a basic model which they can use for word-processing, bookkeeping and Internet access. If I am honest and I (recommend) one of the cheaper models, my boss (get) angry at me. He always says that a good salesperson can convince a customer to buy one of the more expensive advanced models. I don't really feel comfortable doing that. What would you do in my situation? Isn't it wrong to make them buy something which they don't need?

Sharon: I think you should help your customers make an intelligent decision. If I (be) you, I (educate) the customers. I (teach) them how to make a good decision by themselves. I (make, not) the decision for them. When a customer (ask) a question, answer it honestly. You don't need to lie to the customer, and you don't need to make the decision for them.

Michael: When I (sell) an inexpensive computer to a customer, my boss (complain) that I am not trying hard enough. What would you tell him?

Sharon: If I (be) in your situation, I (tell) him that I wasn't comfortable forcing customers to buy products which they don't need. Tell him that you don't want to lie to honest people, and that you want to provide them with good service. Remind him that when customers (get) good service, they (return) to a store and spend more money.

Michael: I think that's a great idea. He (might) change his mind if I said that to him. Maybe he (realize) that good service is the most important thing to consumers. And, of course, I (feel) much more comfortable if I (be) able to be honest with the customers. Thanks for your advice.
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