Be + Adjective Combinations Followed by Infinitives

be amazedHe was amazed to discover the truth.
be anxiousShe was anxious to start her new job.
be ashamedHe was ashamed to admit he had lied.
be boundShe is bound to be elected class president.
be carefulThey were careful not to reveal the winner of the prize until the end.
be certainShe is certain to get the job.
be contentThe student was content to receive second place in the competition.
be delightedWe were delighted to be invited to the wedding.
be determinedHe was determined to finish the marathon.
be eagerHe was eager to begin.
be eligibleThey were not eligible to participate in the program.
be fortunateShe was fortunate to receive the research grant.
be gladI would be glad to help out.
be happyShe was happy to see them at the party.
be hesitantMary was hesitant to say anything.
be liable The mountain climber is liable to hurt himself if he doesn't use well-made equipment.
be likelyThey are likely to show up at any time.
be luckyYou were lucky to have such an opportunity.
be pleasedI am pleased to meet you.
be proudHe was proud to have been chosen to lead the project.
be readyI'm ready to go now.
be reluctantThe witness was reluctant to reveal what he had seen.
be sadShe was really sad to leave.
be shockedHe was shocked to discover the truth.
be sorryI am sorry to have to tell you that the tickets are sold out.
be surprisedShe was surprised to discover that he had never learned how to swim.
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