Gerunds and Infinitives Exercise 28

Choose the correct answer for each gap below, then click the "Check" button to check your answers.
1. Fiona and Diedre really want to the party.

2. Shelly admitted on the exam.

3. I recall the Grand Canyon once as a child, but I don't remember it very well.

4. Nathan claims from Harvard at the age of 16, but I don't believe him.

5. Mr. Thompson was interested in for the new position as regional manager.

6. one month before he retired was a shock to the whole company.

7. We were very thrilled the opportunity to speak to the Dalai Lama in person.

8. French hurt her chances for the job.

9. to the university upset the entire family.

10. Tina expects the children their rooms before their grandparents arrive this afternoon.
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