Gerunds and Infinitives Practice Test

Choose the correct answer for each gap below, then click the "Check" button to check your answers.
1. She quit about unemployed and decided her own job.

2. Naomi's her passport prevented her from the border.

3. Do you remember at the top of the Eiffel Tower the sunset? That's a view I'll never forget!

4. Oh no! The movie is sold out! Do you want if we can get tickets for the next showing at 8:30?

5. next week isn't a good idea since you keep problems with your knee. Already injured your knee once this year should teach you that you need more careful about yourself to return to the slopes.

6. I would love lying on a beach in Tahiti right now in the sun. in this office all day and ordered around by my boss is not an enjoyable way my time.

7. The police chief ordered his officers for the escaped prisoner. Hopefully, the officers will result in the prisoner's captured.

8. Her her job allowed her more time for her sick parents.

9. Rover, my dog, always tries over the fence, but he is too small it.

10. The little boy was clinging to his mother's leg that he wanted her him a candy bar. The mother refused the little boy any candy and told him .
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