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Weekly Lesson

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a carol N. a traditional Christmas song
a chimney N. a part of a fire place which extends up through the roof and carries smoke out of the house
Christmas Eve N. the night before Christmas
eggnog N. a traditional Christmas drink made with milk, egg, vanilla and rum
a mass N. the name of a service in certain churches (like the Catholic church)
mistletoe N. a plant which is often hung from the ceiling at Christmas (When two people walk under the plant, they are supposed to kiss.)
an ornament N. a decoration which is hung on a Christmas tree; any decoration
a reindeer N. a type of deer from Northern Europe
a sleigh N. a vehicle which travels on snow
stockings N. a knitted sock; a traditional foot covering 


Vocabulary in Conversation

Use the above vocabulary to fill in the blanks in the following conversation. Your answers can be checked by clicking at the bottom of the page.

Susan : Merry Christmas, come on in and take off your coat - it's cold out there.

Stephan : Merry Christmas. Let me take off my boots, I don't want to get snow all over the place.

Susan : Would you like some ______________________ ? It's a traditional Christmas drink made with milk, eggs, vanilla and rum.

Stephan : That sounds delicious! I'd love some.

Susan : So, are you ready to decorate the tree? The kids are in the living room right now unpacking the ______________________ and preparing the lights... Oh, Stephan, you're standing under the ______________________! You have to give me a kiss.

Stephan : That's a nice Christmas tradition. I brought you a little gift. It's a CD of traditional Christmas ______________________ from my country. I hope you like it.

Susan : Oh, how wonderful, let's put it on right now while we are decorating the tree.

Stephan : I don't really know much about Christmas in America. How do you celebrate it here?

Susan : Well, usually the family gets together on ______________________ and has a nice dinner. Some people go to midnight ______________________ , others stay at home and celebrate with their families and friends. Some people open a gift or two, but my family is very traditional. We wait until Christmas morning to open the gifts from Santa.

Stephan : I have heard American children talking about Santa Claus. How do you describe him in the States?

Susan : In America, we have a very set picture of Santa Claus. He dresses in red and white clothes and travels in a magic ______________________ pulled by flying ______________________ . He enters your house by climbing down the ______________________, and he leaves gifts under the Christmas tree and in ______________________ which we hang above the fire place.

decorative Adj. used as a decoration
festive Adj. having a party-like atmosphere
frosty Adj. cold, chilly, icy
holy Adj. of special religious importance or significance
homemade Adj. made or prepared in the home, not store bought
glistening Adj. reflecting flashes of light; sparkling, glimmery 
jingling Adj. sounding like small ringing bells
jolly Adj. very happy, joyful, fun-loving (used to describe people)
merry Adj. full of happiness or enjoyment (mostly used with Christmas)
naughty Adj. misbehaving, not well-behaved (We often say that Santa will not give gifts to naughty children.)


Vocabulary in Writing

Use the above vocabulary to fill in the blanks in the following sentences. Your answers can be checked by clicking at the bottom of the page.

1. Santa knows whether you've been ______________________ or nice. So, you had better be good this year, or he might bring you a lump of coal.

2. As Santa landed on the roof of our house, we could hear the tapping of little reindeer hooves and a symphony of ______________________ sleigh bells.

3. Every Christmas, my grandmother bakes a batch of ______________________ sugar cookies shaped like snowmen.

4. Marie made a beautiful, ______________________ wreath out of pine branches and red flowers.
(A wreath is a traditional Christmas decoration made of branches twisted into the shape of a circle. It is often hung on the front door to greet visitors.)

5. The ______________________ ornaments looked like stars on the Christmas tree.

6. In America, Santa Claus is usually depicted as a ______________________ , fat man who brings gifts to young boys and girls. Many countries believe in Father Christmas, who is usually depicted in a more dignified, spiritual light.

7. When we were in Guadalajara, we attended the most lively Christmas celebration I have ever seen. Everything was decorated in bright, ______________________ colors and we sang and danced the night away.

8. The ______________________ night air and heavy snow gave way to a beautiful white Christmas with blue skies and  relatively warm temperatures.

9. The old man reminded us that Christmas was more than just a day of gift giving; it was a ______________________ day with an ancient history.

10. I wish you all a ______________________ Christmas and a happy New Year.  

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