Also / Too / Either Exercise

Choose the correct answer for each gap below, then click the "Check" button to check your answers.
1. Henry is very athletic. He loves swimming, surfing, snowboarding and skiing. Jason loves to swim and surf, but he hates all winter sports because he can't stand cold weather.

2. I am taking a great art history class at the junior college downtown. Sarah is in the class . We both love it.

3. I don't really like tomatoes. My brother doesn't like them .

4. Frank didn't like the layout of the apartment. He thought the location was rather inconvenient, so he decided to keep looking for a place to live.

5. Mr. Harris doesn't speak a word of French! He doesn't have any international experience . So, I really feel he is not the right candidate for the job.

6. Three experts came to the conclusion that the project had to be terminated at once. I, , finally realized the project was too dangerous to proceed.

7. Sharon was exhausted from a hard day's work and she wasn't in a party mood , so we decided to stay in and have a quiet evening at home.

8. Dave has been living and working in Poland for over five years. He has been taking night classes in Polish the entire time, so he speaks Polish very well.

9. Sam has a guidebook and a map of the region. He has a compass , so I think we should let him guide us out of here.

10. Sharon realized her boss had been embezzling money from the company and she wanted to go to the authorities. Doug, ,
thought it was time to call in the police.

11. Judy: That was the most suspenseful movie I have ever seen - I really loved it!
Cindy: It was really exciting! I thought it was really well made!

12. Judy: That was the most suspenseful movie I have ever seen - I really loved it!
Cindy: Me !

13. I am really tired, and I don't feel like going out tonight . Let's just stay home tonight.

14. I don't really feel like going out tonight, and I am really tired. Let's just stay home tonight.

15. Jim is an amazing skiier, and he loves to snowboard .
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