Even Exercise

Choose the correct answer for each gap below, then click the "Check" button to check your answers. In some questions, more than one answer is possible.
1. It hasn't rained in weeks, and the weather forcaster said it should be warm and sunny tomorrow for the wine festival. But the weather isn't really imprtant; it rains, the festival will take place.

2. These days a woman can do anything a man can do. She can be a jet pilot in the airforce!

3. the science of medicine is advancing very quickly, there are many people in the world who die of diseases which are easily cured because they can't afford to pay for treatment.

4. Jessica is extremely beautiful and graceful. , I think it will be very difficult for her to break into the world of international modeling.

5. Samantha is very easily insulted. a person complements her, she takes it as an insult.

6. My dog eats everything - ice cream!

7. Fred is a brilliant computer programmer. he doesn't go to university, he will be able to survive just by doing web page design.

8. the world is becoming increasingly global, many people remain ignorant to other cultures and languages.

9. He can do everything. He sings beautifully, speaks five languages, rock climbs - he cooks gourmet cuisine.

10. The movie was predictable and the acting was pretty bad. , I loved it because it was funny and I needed a good laugh.

11. it rained the whole time we were in Tahiti, I really enjoyed the trip. The scenery was spectacular and the scuba diving was great.

12. I always tell my children that they should never get into a car with a stranger, he or she looks like a nice person.

13. you feel completely sober, you should never drive after drinking.

14. I know the publishing world is incredibly competitive. , I have decided to quit my job so that I can try to write a novel.

15. Birds have adapted to every environment on Earth. They can be found in Antarctica.

16. I told Erica to be careful while snowboarding in Mammoth. I warned her, she pushed the limits and ended up breaking her leg.

17. Laura is a very optimistic person. things are not going her way, she still manages to keep a positive attitude.

18. Smoking has been proven to cause cancer and many other life-threatening illnesses. , many people continue to smoke.

19. The travel agency offers a great selection of organized tours and cruises which cater to all kinds of individuals. There's an adventure camping tour to Mongolia for people over 65.

20. My work hours are very strange, and sometimes I get home very late. I get home late, I try to take the time to make a good, well-balanced meal.
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