Subjunctive Exercise

Fill in the blanks below with the correct form of the verb in parentheses, then click the "Check" button to check your answers. Negative, passive and continuous subjunctive forms are possible. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter if an answer is giving you trouble.
1. It's important that she (remember) to take her medicine twice a day.

2. I suggest that Frank (read) the directions carefully before assembling the bicycle. He doesn't want the wheels to fall off while he
is riding down a hill

3. Mrs. Finkelstein demanded that the heater (repair) immediately. Her apartment was freezing.

4. It's vital that the United States (focus) on improving its public education system. What we do now will affect our country for
generations to come.

5. The monk insisted that the tourists (enter) the temple until they had removed their shoes.

6. I am not going to sit here and let her insult me. I demand that she immediately (apologize) for what she just said.

7. Judy asked that we (attend) her graduation ceremony next week.

8. Was it really necessary that (sit) I there watching you the entire time you were rehearsing for the play? It was really
boring watching you repeat the scenes over and over again.

9. It is important to remember that Janine (think) very differently from you. She may not agree to the changes you have made in
the organization of the company.

10. It's a little difficult to find the restaurant. I propose that we all (drive) together so that nobody gets lost along the way.

11. The woman insisted that the lost child (take) to store's information desk so his parents could be paged.

12. The nutritionist recommended that Sally (reduce) her daily fat intake.

13. The environmental leader felt it was extremely important that the people of the city (allow) to voice their concerns over the
new hotel being built on the bay.

14. She told me that the government (regulate) the airline industry. I don't know if that is true.

15. The sign at the pool recommended that you (swim) after eating a large meal.

16. It is necessary that a life guard (monitor) the summing pool while the children are taking their swimming lessons.

17. The sun is scorching today. I suggest you (put) on sunblock immediately before you get a sun burn.

18. John insists that Sarah (invite) to the wedding; otherwise he will not attend.

19. I think it's an interesting fact that she (come) from Estonia.

20. It is imperative that the world (work) towards a solution to global warming before the weather patterns of the world are
disrrupted irreparably.
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