Verb Tense Exercise 9 Present Continuous and Present Perfect Continuous

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Using the words in parentheses, complete the text below with the appropriate tenses, then click the "Check" button to check your answers.
1. It (rain) all week. I hope it stops by Saturday because I want to go to the beach.

2. Sid: Where is Gary?
Sarah: He (study, at the library) for his German test on Wednesday. In fact, he (review) for the test every day for the last week.

3. You look really great! (You, exercise) at the fitness center ?

4. Frank, where have you been? We (wait) for you since 1 PM.

5. Tim: What is that sound?
Nancy: A car alarm (ring) somewhere down the street. It (drive) me crazy - I wish it would stop! It (ring) for more than twenty minutes.

6. Joseph's English (improve, really) , isn't it? He (watch) American television programs and (study) his grammar every day since he first arrived in San Diego. Soon he will be totally fluent.

7. Dan: You look a little tired. (You, get) enough sleep lately?
Michelle: Yes, I (sleep) relatively well. I just look tired because I (feel) a little sick for the last week.
Dan: I hope you feel better soon.
Michelle: Thanks. I (take, currently) some medicine, so I should feel better in a couple of days.
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