Articles Exercise 12

Choose A, AN or THE for each blank below, then click the "Check" button to check your answers.
1. Do you have bigger room in the hotel? In fact, I'd like biggest room you have available. How much would that cost night?

2. Honestly, this is last time I am going to tell you to clean up your room. You are messiest kid on the planet.

3. He's much fitter person than I am; he jogs at least five times week.

4. Fred always says dogs make best pets. But between his cat and his dog, his cat is more loyal of the two.

5. I think this is worst idea you have ever had. We need to find better way to do this.

6. Tomorrow, we will take second train from Suzhou to Shanghai, and following day, we will fly to Beijing.

7. That brand of organic coffee costs $85 pound! That's most outrageous price I've ever seen. I think I need to look for cheaper brand.

8. The computer science instructor thought Fikret was more gifted programmer than most professionals she had worked with. In fact, she told me he was most gifted programmer she had taught in many years.

9. I bought lightest backpacking tent the company makes. It's made of much stronger material than my last tent.

10. Last week was first time that I had ever played golf, and I really felt like I was worst player ever. But this week, I played with my boss and he's even worse player than I am. It may be shocking, but between me and my boss, I think I am actually better player.
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