Articles Exercise 16

Choose THE or (/) for "no article" for each blank below, then click the "Check" button to check your answers.
1. To get to the train station, walk south until you see the big church, turn left, and walk until you see the sign. The station is on right.

2. The hurricane hit Miami from southeast. From Miami, it moved north towards Fort Lauderdale.

3. Ali is from Middle East, so he was used to warm weather. When he first came to Canada, he hated living in north because it was so cold.

4. The door on left leads to the lounge. If you are looking for a toilet, just go right.

5. Many visitors to the U.S. love South, but I think I prefer Northwest. I love Seattle.

6. Every spring, the local birds migrate north. In the fall, they fly south again.

7. My Spanish teacher told me that many people in east speak Catalan; I would love to go east and experience the region.

8. Do you see the tiger? It's on left. It's lying to right of the big boulder.

9. The lost hikers wandered south until they reached a large river. To east, they saw high mountains, so they decided to head west.

10. The river flows south and then disappears into the swamplands in west.
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