Articles Exercise 6

Choose A, AN or (/) for "no article" for each blank below, then click the "Check" button to check your answers.
1. This is amazing dance club, but you don't look like you are enjoying yourself. Aren't you having fun? Is there problem?

2. Vegetarians don't eat meat, they eat vegetables and fruit. Don't make him greasy hamburger; make him healthy salad instead.

3. We finally found apartment, but we don't have furniture yet. There is furniture store just around the corner and they have pretty good selection of beds. I think we'll start there.

4. Samir works for Egyptian company which specializes in information technology. He is going to European conference next month to discuss research on online sales in North Africa.

5. I love chocolate, but my husband doesn't. I want to get cat, but he hates cats. We don't agree on anything, but I still think we make great couple.

6. While I was in Japan, I stayed in hotel with walls made of paper. We ate rice with every meal. It was quite unique experience.

7. I wanted to buy new smartphone, but the salesman didn't have information on the model I wanted. I need help making decision before I buy anything.

8. How much does ticket cost? Unfortunately, I don't have money with me right now. Can I pay with ATM card? What about credit card?

9. He won award for his new science fiction novel called "Launch". Evidently, it's about astronaut who gets trapped in space for more than year. It sounds like incredible book.

10. He loves classical music, so he went to university where he could study the violin. That's unusual major, but he is so good I'm sure he'll find work as concert violinist.
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