Articles Exercise 9

Choose A, AN or THE for each blank below, then click the "Check" button to check your answers.
1. Did you see movie about Dian Fossey's work with mountain gorillas? It was amazing film.

2. I love good movie about historical figures or historical events. I thought "Lincoln" was fantastic. And Daniel Day-Lewis was great in film.

3. I would love to take luxury cruise next year to exotic location such as Indonesia or Panama.

4. Jimmy did not enjoy cruise to Alaska because it was too cold and rainy. The weather ruined entire trip.

5. Let's find place where we can just sit for couple of hours, drink some coffee, and have good chat.

6. That is place where Sidney proposed to Meryl. Isn't that beautiful location?

7. Suddenly, password Sandra always used to log in to her email didn't work anymore. Somebody had hacked in and changed password.

8. When Nick was on safari in Tanzania, he saw cheetah hunting prey. He took some beautiful video of cheetah.

9. Did you enjoy book I recommended to you? Wasn't that exciting novel?

10. I need smartphone which allows me to check my email and use Facebook. I really want phone with good battery life.
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