Gerunds and Infinitives Final Test

Choose the correct answer for each gap below, then click the "Check" button to check your answers.
1. Nate deserved the prize for that amazing short story about through Peru. I don't understand the award.

2. I can't believe you wanted , and you forgot a fishing pole. How did you expect any fish? Were you just going to sit in the river fish with your bare hands? You would have had a hard time that!

3. Vince is determined enough money to South Africa next year. If he avoids his money and manages what he needs the trip, he plans on in June.

4. When Sam mentioned , Nina warned into the river. She explained that the national park did not allow for several reasons. The number one reason for visitors was the large number of crocodiles in the park.

5. The Oscar-winning actor avoids to his fans and refuses his autograph. Moreover, he has difficulty interviews and appears problems with other people. Doesn't he seem way too shy an actor?

6. Simone and Michael discussed to Tahiti on their honeymoon, but they had very different opinions about such an expensive destination. Michael said that after such a costly wedding, he couldn't see so much money on a vacation. Simone defended to Tahiti by that a honeymoon is a once in a lifetime experience.

7. a search engine things up on the Internet is a skill that all students need . That is why the government is urging basic computer skills in elementary school. Schools also encourage these skills at home by the Internet together with their children.

8. Samantha kept problems with her computer at work. Her co-worker Denise suggested down the computer and it if that would solve the problem.

9. Jack's interest in foreign languages is a major factor in his decision to China. One of his life-long goals is Chinese fluently. Chinese will be quite a challenge, but in China should enable his goal of the language more quickly.

10. Simon's attempts accommodation in Paris were not very successful. He tried every hotel in his guidebook, but he was shocked they were all full. He called all the youth hostels out if they had any beds, but they were full, too. Another traveler advised him to the tourist information office for help, but the office was closed. Although Simon hated the idea of Paris without anything, the thought of in the train station or the streets all night convinced the train to another city for accommodation there.
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