Gerunds and Infinitives 8

Multiple Choice Exercise

Choose the correct answer for each gap below, then click the "Check" button to check your answers.
1. is a great way to relax. I love to sit back and enjoy a good book.

2. Why do you always get first? I want to go first this time!

3. When you're in Prague, I recommend from the Charles Bridge to the castle at night.

4. Susanne just happened in the restaurant when Julia Roberts walked in! Can you believe that?

5. Eye specialists urge frequent breaks while using the computer for extended periods of time.

6. I thought you knew nothing about cars. Where did you learn a flat tire?

7. My favorite thing is on my back in the sea.

8. The Egyptology course requires in six months of field studies near Luxor, Egypt.

9. The nurse risked the disease from her patient, but she continued to treat him until he had fully recovered.

10. Dad, you promised us to the beach today. When are we going to go to the beach?
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