Nouns Followed by Infinitives

adviceHis advice to continue was good.
appealThe appeal to reduce pollution was ineffective.
attemptHer attempt to locate them was unsuccessful.
chanceIn Britain, you will have a chance to improve your English.
decisionThe decision to increase taxes was not popular.
desireHis desire to get a good job motivated him.
dreamHer dream to become an actress was never realized.
goalHis goal to run a marathon seemed unrealistic.
motivation Her motivation to enter university impressed them.
needBob's need to be the center of attention was irritating.
opportunityThe opportunity to live in New York interested Sandra.
orderThey followed the general's order to retreat.
permissionPermission to enter the area was difficult to get.
planSandy's plan to move to Madrid bothered her parents.
preparationNASA's preparations to launch on Monday moved forward.
proposalHer proposal to host the party impressed the committee.
recommendation His recommendation to close the school upset the community.
refusalDebra's refusal to help did not go unnoticed.
reminderHer reminder to review the vocabulary helped me pass the test.
requestTheir request to participate was granted.
requirementTheir requirement to speak four languages was unreasonable.
suggestionHis suggestion to leave seemed like a good idea.
tendencyHis tendency to tap his desk during a test annoyed me.
wishHer wish to be treated normally was respected.
wayOne way to improve your English is to read novels.
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