Christmas Adjectives

Gap-Fill Exercise

  decorative     festive     frosty     glistening     holy     homemade     jingling     jolly     merry     naughty     

1. Santa knows whether you've been or nice. So, you had better be good this year, or he might bring you a lump of

2. As Santa landed on the roof of our house, we could hear the tapping of little reindeer hooves and a symphony of sleigh bells.

3. Every Christmas, my grandmother bakes a batch of sugar cookies shaped like snowmen.

4. Marie made a beautiful, wreath out of pine branches and red flowers.
(A wreath is a traditional Christmas decoration made of branches twisted into the shape of a circle. It is often hung on the front
door to greet visitors.)

5. The ornaments looked like stars on the Christmas tree.

6. In America, Santa Claus is usually depicted as a , fat man who brings gifts to young boys and girls. Many countries believe in Father Christmas, who is usually depicted in a more dignified, spiritual light.

7. When we were in Guadalajara, we attended the most lively Christmas celebration I have ever seen. Everything was decorated in bright, colors and we sang and danced the night away.

8. The night air and heavy snow gave way to a beautiful white Christmas with blue skies and relatively warm

9. The old man reminded us that Christmas was more than just a day of gift giving; it was a day with an ancient history.

10. I wish you all a Christmas and a happy New Year.

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