Adjective Gap Exercise

Gap-Fill Exercise

1. There are two kinds of witches according to legend: good witches who help and protect people, and witches who use their magic to hurt people.

2. Every Halloween, the children tell stories about the house on the hill. They say that the ghost of an old man wanders the hallways looking for the spirit of his long-lost wife.

3. The people of the little town said that they could hear sounds coming from the forest. Some said it sounded like the cries of an old woman calling for help.

4. At night, the villagers could hear the werewolves just outside the village wall. They locked their doors and shutters and prayed that the creatures would not find a way into their homes.

5. "Halloween" is a classic horror movie with plenty of murders. We rent the video every year on October 31.

6. Centuries ago, they thought that people could be controlled by evil spirits. These "" people were often burned at the stake.

7. He was not a good person. He was an person, and everyone knew that he was dangerous.

8. The monster's face was green and covered with warts.

9. The witch stirred her brew with delight. She laughed because it was Halloween, and evil was in the air.

10. The woman shrieked because she was at the sight of the skeleton lying in her bed.