Mixed Prepositions Exercise 2

Complete the text below by choosing the correct prepositions, then press "Check" to check your answers.

January 9, 1995

We took a morning bus Arusha, and after checking a very simple hotel, started our search for a safari company. We went to Sunny Safaris, but nothing seems to be going soon. Next, we went to Cheetah Safaris. They have a safari going Tuesday. It sounds like a good deal $65 a day; we didn't want to search forever, so we chose them. While walking around town this afternoon, we met Joan and Per from Lamu. They introduced us Senara who will be taking the Safari us tomorrow. Later, we had dinner a less than exiting restaurant.

January 10, 1995

Our first day of safari! Uh, oh! Unfortunately, we had a late start after trying to get some cash for Reiner and Walter. On the way the park, our driver John first stopped two gas stations, and then we went to his house to pick some clothes. We didn't get Lake Manyara until after one o'clock. Can you believe John actually suggested stopping a restaurant before going the park? We all said, "No way!"
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