Object of a Preposition

Nouns or noun phrases which follow prepositions are known as objects of those prepositions.


  • on the table
  • in water
  • to him
  • with the little girl
  • beside her husband
  • outside the house
  • in one hour

All of the nouns or noun phrases in italics above serve as objects of the prepositions. Together, the preposition and the noun or noun phrase is called a prepositional phrase.

Don't Forget the Object Form after a Preposition

Even native English speakers sometimes forget that after prepositions the object form of a pronoun is necessary. This mistake is most common when multiple objects are used.


  • Diane spoke with Robert and I. Not Correct
  • Diane spoke with Robert and me. Correct

FUN FACT: Marilyn Monroe often intentionally made the mistake above for comic effect to convey the idea of an uneducated woman who was trying to be educated.

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