Phrasal Verb Definition Example
keep * around have handy, have accessible I always keep a dictionary around to translate new words.
keep at + not give up (an activity), to persevere You should keep at your studies.
keep * away prevent access to, hold back Keep the kids away from the cookies.
keep * back maintain a safe distance, cause to maintain a safe distance Keep back! The burning building is about to collapse.
keep * down not vomit, not throw up, keep in one's stomach If I ate that, I down know if I could keep it down.
keep * in keep in a particular place, have something in a specific location When I am not using it, I keep my passport in this drawer.
keep * off prevent from stepping or climbing on to something Keep the cat off the couch.
keep on continue He kept on talking after everybody asked him to stop.
keep * out prevent from entering Keep the dog out of the garden; he keeps digging up the flowers.
keep * over cover something with, put something above I keep a tarp over my bicycle at night to prevent it from getting wet.
keep to + continue, persist in (an activity) Everybody said she would never finish the puzzle, but she kept to it until it was done.
keep up stay on the required schedule You have to keep up if you want to work here.
keep * up + continue  You are doing a great job! Keep it up.
keep up with + stay on schedule with (a person, the workload, homework) I have so much reading that I can't keep up with the writing exercises.
kick back sit or lie back (to relax)  After work, I like to kick back in front of the TV and relax.
kick in begin taking effect  The medicine takes one hour to kick in.