Phrasal Verb Definition Example
lay  away + save for the future Why don't you lay away your wedding outfit?
lay down + establish (laws, rules) Lori lays down the law in her class. English only!
lay in on + scold or criticize severely My mom really laid in on me when I got home at 4:00 in the morning last night.
lay into + scold or criticize severely I saw Reto's mom lay into him when he came home late last night.
lay * off + suspend someone from a job (during a slow period) The company was losing money, so they had to lay off 100 workers.
lay * out + arrange Why don't we lay the pieces of the table out before we put it together.
leave * out + not include, omit Why did your parents leave you out of their vacation plans?
let * down disappoint I felt let down when I didn't receive a birthday card from my sister.
let * down lengthen (pants in sewing) My uncle is a tailor, so he can let your pants down.
let * out release  I am happy my brother was let out of prison early.
let * out make bigger (in sewing) I need to let out this skirt because I have gained weight.
let up weaken in intensity I told her NO a thousand times, but she won't let up.
lie down rest, recline  I need to lie down before we go out tonight.
lie down on + rest, recline ( on a couch, bed) I'm going to lie down on the sofa for a while.
lie with + be decided by Whether or not you can go to the party lies with your father.
light * up + illuminate Let's get some candles to light this room up.
light up + to smoke Do you have to light up another cigarette? I thought you were trying to cut down.
live * down + live in a way that a shameful or embarrassing event is forgotten Jose will never live down singing that song at the karaoke bar.
live on + survive from I could live on bread and cheese.
live up to + keep a standard  It would be hard to live up to her parent's expectations.  They are so demanding.
look after + take care of (a child, a house, a pet) When my sister goes on vacation, I look after her dog.
look back on + to remember nostalgically When I look back on my childhood, I often feel angry.
look down on + see as inferior She's so conceited. She looks down on everybody else.
look for + to seek or search for I'm looking for my keys. Have you seen them?
look forward to + anticipate with pleasure I am looking forward to traveling to New York next year.
look into + investigate The police are looking into the murder.
look on observe as a spectator Everybody just looked on as the two men fought.
look out be careful, pay attention, heed a certain danger Look out, there's a black widow spider on the wall.
look * over + examine, review When I'm camping, I look my shoes over before I put them on.
look * up + search for (in a dictionary)  I takes time to look up new vocabulary words.
look * up + locate and visit If you ever travel to California, you should look me up.
look up to + respect, admire someone He looks up to his father.