Phrasal Verb Definition Example
wait on + serve, service (a table) Each waitress waits on three different tables in the restaurant.
wait up not sleep because you are waiting for something or someone Don't wait up.
wait up for + not sleep because you are waiting for someone or something Let's wait up for Mary to see how her date went.
wake * up + awaken someone The car alarm woke me up at 6:00 in the morning.
wake up awaken Wake up. It's time to get ready for work.
wash up clean oneself Make sure you wash up before dinner.
wash * up + clean If we work together, we can wash the kitchen up in a few minutes.
watch out be careful Watch out - there's a rattlesnake!
watch out for + be careful of Watch out for snakes while you are hiking in the desert.
wear off disappear after a period of time The effects of the medicine will wear off after a few hours.
wear * out use until something is not useable anymore If you wear the same shoes everyday, you'll wear them out.
wear * out cause to be very tired Her three kids wore me out.
wind up + finish (inf.) If he doesn't get his act together, he is going to wind up in jail.
wind * up + tighten the spring of a watch or similar machine He wound up the toy dog and set it on the floor.
wind * up + cause an animal or a child to behave wildly The kids always get wound up when Uncle Henry comes over.
wipe * out + massacre or destroy The tidal wave wiped out the small fishing village.
wipe * out  cause to be very tired After surfing all day, I was completely wiped out.
work * out + solve I hope you two can work out your problems.
work out exercise I work out three times a week at the fitness center.
work out be successful I am glad your new catering business is working out.
write * down + record Write down the directions so you don't forget them.
write * out + write down every word or letter He wrote out the lyrics so I could understand what the singer was saying.
write * up + prepare a report He wrote up a business proposal in order to get a loan.