Mixed Phrasal Verbs Exercise 2

Fill in the blanks using the words in the box below, then click the "Check" button to check your answers.
   across      along      around      down      in      into      off      on      out      over      under      up   
1. My job starts at 6:00 AM, so I have to get really early to make it to work on time.

2. Don't put your homework off until tomorrow. Just do it now and get it with.

3. James came a lot of money when his grandfather passed away. He could retire right now if he wanted to.

4. When the alarm went , everyone proceeded calmly to the emergency exits. The fire chief was very impressed with the organization of the drill.

5. If you have an old blanket, bring it so that we have something to sit on at the beach.

6. Although the team was both mentally and physically exhausted because they had not slept in almost 48 hours, they kept walking so they could reach the Eco-challenge finish line before dawn.

7. Hey, check Tina's new haircut. Doesn't she look great?

8. I don't have time to clean the kitchen right now. Maybe I can get to it later.

9. Good parents don't put their children , they give them constructive criticism which helps them to become better people.

10. I love your new outfit. Especially your shirt, it really brings the color of your eyes.

11. I came an old picture of Daniel while I was looking through the trunk. It's the one I took when we went camping at the beach.

12. As consumer demand for the product changed and competitors flooded the market, the once highly profitable company finally went . Even the best businessman cannot keep a company going if nobody buys the product.

13. Look , there's a rattlesnake under the picnic table!

14. The dealer tried to pass the painting as an original Van Gogh, but the appraiser immediately recognized it was a fake.

15. The rebels have taken the capital city and toppled the sitting government. It looks like the revolution is over and the tiny nation will finally gain its independence.

16. When you are finished using the computer, can you please turn it .

17. Ever since their big fight last month, John and Deborah haven't been getting at all. They are constantly arguing with each other.

18. Cheryl was taken by the con artist at the airport. He stole her passport, her plane ticket and $1500.

19. I am going to accept the research position at the Sorbonne. The pay isn't that great, but there is no way I am going to pass the opportunity to live in Paris.

20. I can't afford to put that much money for a new television. I can barely pay my rent!
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