Mixed Phrasal Verbs Exercise 4

Fill in the blanks using the words in the box below, then click the "Check" button to check your answers.
   away      down      for      in      into      off      on      out      through      up   
1. I can't believe how cheap it is to fly to New York right now. It's like they're giving the tickets .

2. No matter how hard I work on my essays, I keep getting really low grades. I think my writing teacher just has it for me. She doesn't seem to like me at all.

3. Sidney came with a terrible case of food poisoning after she ate the fish at that restaurant. I suggest we find another place to eat tonight.

4. They didn't have enough people sign up for the student ski trip to Lake Tahoe, so the organizers called the trip . I wish they hadn't canceled it, I was really looking forward to going.

5. John was laid when his company downsized their marketing division. He has already interviewed with a couple of new companies and it looks like he might be offered a position with a new Internet start-up based in San Francisco.

6. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt you. Please, go and finish what you were saying.

7. When John and Frank first met, they hit it immediately. They have been good friends ever since.

8. I didn't see the moose grazing near the edge of the forest until Max pointed it to me. His knowledge of wildlife enables him to spot many animals that most people would never notice.

9. There was a huge coffee stain on floor near the copy machine at work. My boss asked who had made the mess, but nobody would own to it. Maybe the culprit was afraid that he or she would have to pay to have the carpet professionally cleaned.

10. Wayne missed on the chance to go with us to the concert because he had the flu.

11. One of the inmates at the local prison escaped last week and was on the run for over three hours before they caught him. They used specially trained police dogs to track him .

12. Now that Liza has retired, she is going to have plenty of free time. Maybe she can take a new hobby or enroll in some classes at the junior college in town.

13. Sebastian wanted to quit college and join a rock band. His parents talked him staying in school while he pursues his interest in music. That way if he never makes it as a singer, he can always fall back on his education.

14. What does "www" stand ? Is it short for "world wide web?"

15. The college administration decided to do with the math requirement. Now mathematics is an elective course.

16. If you want to learn to snowboard, I suggest you try it before you buy your own boots and board. You want to make sure you actually like the sport before you put out that much money for the equipment.

17. Diana had wanted to spend Christmas in New Zealand, but her plans fell . She couldn't get enough time off from work to make the trip worthwhile.

18. It's really important to have close friends you can count . If you don't have reliable friends who you can trust, you don't really have anything.

19. When she told me she was going to climb Mount Everest, it didn't really sink . Only later did I realize how truly dangerous her latest adventure was going to be.

20. Marge started a fire when she dropped her cigarette butt in the trash can at work. Luckily, Sandy grabbed the fire extinguisher off the wall and put the fire before any major damage was done.
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