Position Prepositions

The following prepositions are used to indicate position. To help you learn the meaning of each preposition, the images below show the position of the red ball (or bar) in relation to the blue box. (Example: The red ball is above the blue box.) Scroll down for more example sentences and position preposition exercises.

aboveacrossagainstamongaroundbehindbelowbeneathbesidebetweenbyinin front ofinsidenearnext toonoutsideoverthroughunderunderneath

Position Preposition Examples

PrepositionExample Sentence
aboveThe red ball is above the blue box.
acrossThe red bar is lying across the blue boxes.
against The red bar is lying against the blue box.
amongThe red ball is among the blue boxes.
aroundThe red balls are around the blue box.
behindThe red ball is behind the blue box.
belowThe red ball is below the blue box.
beneathThe red ball is beneath the blue box.
besideThe red ball is beside the blue box.
betweenThe red ball is between the blue boxes.
byThe red ball is by the blue box.
inThe red ball is in the blue box.
in front ofThe red ball is in front of the blue box.
insideThe red ball is inside the blue box.
nearThe red ball is near the blue box.
next toThe red ball is next to the blue box.
onThe red ball is on the blue box.
outsideThe red ball is outside the blue box.
overThe red ball is over the blue box.
throughThe red bar is running through the blue box.
underThe red ball is under the blue box.
underneathThe red ball is underneath the blue box.

Position Preposition Exercises

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