Position Prepositions Exercise 2

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Complete the sentences below by choosing the correct prepositions, then press "Check" to check your answers. Sometimes, more than one answer is possible.
1. There was a birthday gift the box.

2. While Sam was talking to the bank teller, the woman him in line kept sighing impatiently.

3. Philip waited the movie theater for Simone, so they could buy tickets and go in together. He stood directly the sign over the entrance to make sure she could find him.

4. There was not a single person the people in the room who spoke English.

5. The campground is the lake. In fact, it is so close you can actually walk there.

6. In English, the word backyard means a small garden or green area located a house.

7. There was a sign the restaurant saying that it was closed for renovations. And when I peeked through the window, there was nobody the restaurant.

8. A ladder was leaning the side of the house, so I knew someone was up on the roof.

9. The hotel was a freeway, so there was a lot of traffic noise at night, which made it hard to sleep.

10. The air was icy cold, but the children stayed warm the thick blankets.
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