Verb + PrepExample
account forHe accounted for such problems.
accuse SO of STHe accused her of stealing the money.
adapt toThey adapted to the new culture.
add SO/ST to SO/STShe added milk to the grocery list.
add toTranslation problems added to the confusion.
adjust toThey adjusted to their new environment.
admit ST to SOShe admitted her real age to everybody.
admit toShe admitted to cheating on the test.
agree onWe agreed on the price.
agree toHe agreed to the new conditions.
agree with I agree with you.
apologize to SO for ST I apologized to her for being rude.
appeal to SO for STThe nation appealed to the UN for assistance.
approve of The parents approved of the marriage.
argue with SO about SO/STTimmy argued with his father about his curfew.
argue with SO over STThe customer argued with the salesman over the store's return policy.
arrange for SO (to do something)They arranged for an interpreter to be present.
arrest SO for ST The police arrested the man for stealing the car.
arrive at (a place)They arrived at home.
ask forShe asked for help.