Verb + PrepExample
care aboutHe cares about what his children watch on TV.
care forHe doesn't care for fish.
catch up withHe caught up with her before she got into the elevator.
cater to The hotel doesn't cater to tour groups.
charge SO for STThe restaurant didn't charge me for breaking the glass.
charge SO with STThe police charged him with drunk driving.
choose between SO/ST and SO/STThe winner got to choose between a vacation to Tahiti and a new car.
chose ST from STThe magician chose a lady from the audience to help him with the trick.
collide with The car collided with a truck.
come fromHe comes from Florida.
comment onShe wouldn't comment on the accusations.
communicate with SO Many people use email to communicate with friends and family abroad.
compare SO/ST to SO/STThe analyst compared the company's current profits to last year's.
compare SO/ST with SO/STHe shouldn't compare his younger son with his older son.
compete with He loves to compete with others.
complain about They complained about the quality of the hotel.
compliment SO on STHe complimented her on her new dress.
concentrate on He needs to concentrate on his work.
concern SO with STYou shouldn't concern her with our problems.
confess to He confessed to the crimes.
confuse SO/ST with SO/ST She confused him with Tom Cruise.
congratulate SO on STShe congratulated him on his victory.
consent to STThe parents consented to the request.
consist ofThe test consists of 100 multiple choice questions.
contribute to ST I contributed to the World Wildlife Fund.
convict SO of ST They convicted him of murder.
cope with Can he cope with the large amount of work.
correspond with SO I correspond with them by email.
count onHe counts on their support.
cover with She covered her sleeping son with the blanket.
crash into He crashed into the tree.
cure SO of ST The doctors cured her of the disease.