Verb + PrepExample
deal withHe has to deal with many problems.
decide againstHe decided against taking the job in New York.
decide between SO/ST and SO/STI couldn't decide between the chicken dinner and the sushi.
decide onHe decide on taking the job in Los Angeles.
dedicate ST to SOHe dedicated the song to his girlfriend.
demand ST from SO He demanded help from his coworkers.
depend onThe cost of the carpet depends on the quality of the weaving.
derive ST from ST He derives a great deal of pleasure from his work.
deter SO from STNothing could deter her from becoming a policewoman.
devote ST to SO He devoted the song to his wife.
differ from Your results differ little from mine.
disagree withHe disagrees with me.
disapprove ofHer parents disapprove of her job choice.
discourage SO from ST He discouraged his son from quitting school.
discuss ST with SO I discussed the situation with them.
distinguish between SO/ST and SO/STThe expert couldn't distinguish between the real painting and the forgery.
distinguish SO/ST from SO/STThe expert couldn't distinguish the real painting from the forgery.
distract SO from ST The loud music distracted her from her work.
dream aboutI dream about traveling around the world.
dream ofI dream of a day when poverty no longer exists.
dress SO in STShe dresses her twins in the same clothes.
drink to They drank to his new job.