Verb + PrepExample
gamble onI wouldn't gamble on that happening.
gawk atThey just gawked at me as though they didn't understand a thing.
gaze atShe gazed at the sight in wonder.
get back from (a place)He got back from work at 6 o'clock.
get married to SO John got married to Mary.
get rid of He got rid of his old clothes.
get through withI'm never going to get through with this work.
get tired of He got tired of the complaining.
get used toHe needs to get used to the new working conditions.
give ST to SOHe gave the book to me.
glare atShe glared at him in disbelief.
gloat atHe gloated at their failure.
grieve forThe nation is grieving for those who died in the accident.
gripe at SOShe always gripes at her husband.
grumble at SO about ST The old man always grumbles at his wife about their children never visiting.