Verb + PrepExample
participate in STWe participated in the survey.
pay forHe paid for our meal last night.
persist inThe disease persists in rural farms throughout the region.
plan onWe plan on attending the wedding.
praise SO for ST He praises his son for his good grades.
pray forThe villagers prayed for rain.
prefer SO/ST to SO/STWe prefer salmon to other kinds of fish.
prepare forWe are preparing for a long winter.
present SO with ST He will present her with the award for best journalist.
prevent SO/ST from (doing something)The campaign is designed to prevent young people from drinking.
prohibit SO from (doing something)The school prohibits students from smoking.
provide forIt is difficult for them to provide for their families.
provide SO with ST The school provides students with textbooks.
provide SO/ST for SO The company will provide food and drinks for all.
punish SO for STHe was punished for his crimes.