Verb + PrepExample
save SO from ST They are working to save mountain gorillas from extinction.
search forThe are searching for signs of life on Mars.
sentence SO to ST The court sentenced him to 20 years in jail.
separate SO/ST from SO/STHe separated Billy from the others children.
share ST with SO She shared her secret with the others.
shout atThe old man shouted at the kids
show ST to SOHe showed the pictures to his friends.
smile at SOI smiled at the newcomers.
speak to SO about SO/STThe director spoke to the employees about the changes.
specialize in STHe specializes in technical translation.
spend (money/time) onThey spent too much money on their new car.
stand for NASA stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
stare atWhy are they staring at me?
stem from The corruption charges stem from allegations of bribery.
stop SO from (doing something)The environmental group stopped them from building the new hotel.
subject SO to ST They subject the students to unrealistic standards.
subscribe toHe subscribed to that magazine.
substitute SO/ST for SO/ST You can substitute beef for pork if you don't eat pork.
subtract ST from STHe subtracted the expenses from the profits.
succeed at STHe will succeed at anything he does.
succeed in (doing something)He succeeded in finishing the marathon.
suffer from She suffers from a rare genetic disorder.
suspect SO of ST The police suspect them of smuggling drugs over the border.