Vocabulary Follow-Up

Fill in all the gaps using the new vocabulary, then click the "Check" button to check your answers.
   carrier      competition      deregulation      fee      monopoly      suburbs      telecommunications      to hook up      to install      to place a call   
1. Ted recently switched his long-distance . Now he uses AT&T.

2. I just got my computer, and I don't really know what I am doing. Do you know how a new computer program on the hard drive?

3. There were so many different wires that it took me more than half an hour the video recorder.

4. That amusement park just raised its admission again. It has become ridiculously expensive!

5. Ever since the of the airline industry, the cost of flying has gone way down. Unfortunately, the quality of the service has gone way down as well.

6. Does your country allow in the telecommunications industry, or is that still controlled by the government?

7. That software company has bought out so much of its competition that it has virtually become a .

8. If you want from this office, you need to dial "9" first to get an outside line.

9. Jonathan is majoring in at Brown University. This semester he is taking a really interesting course on how the Internet and cable television will alter the pricing for long-distance telephone service.

10. In the 1950s, many Americans left the inner city and moved to the to find the American dream of owning a house with a big backyard.
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