Turn off the TV

Vocabulary in Conversation

Fill in all the gaps using the new vocabulary, then click the "Check" button to check your answers.
   commercials      couch potato      documentary      drama      kick back      Nope      prime-time      sitcom      trials and tribulations      trivia   
Janet: Let's do something! Why don't we go out for dinner or go dancing.

Jack: I'm watching TV.

Janet: You're always watching TV. Stop being such a . Get up, and let's do something!

Jack: I am doing something. I'm watching TV.

Janet: You're always watching some stupid . It's a waste of time, and a waste of brain power.

Jack: Sometimes it's nice just to , relax and laugh a little. There is nothing wrong with a little comedy in one's life. In fact, that's why I married you.

Janet: Ha, ha! VERY FUNNY!

Jack: Besides, I am watching something serious.

Janet: What? I bet it's some ridiculous with perfect looking people complaining about the of daily life.

Jack: , wrong again.

Janet: Then it must be a news program describing how some woman went crazy and killed her husband.

Jack: No, I watched that last night. You had better guess quickly - the are almost over.

Janet: Is it a murder mystery? Or some science fiction show like Star Trek?

Jack: No.

Janet: A game show where they test your knowledge of useless ?

Jack: No, it's a on dolphins in the Caribbean.

Janet: Hey, that sounds interesting!

Jack: Why don't we make some popcorn and then watch the rest of it together.
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