Turn off the TV

Vocabulary Follow-Up

Fill in all the gaps using the new vocabulary, then click the "Check" button to check your answers.
   commercials      couch potato      documentary      drama      kick back      Nope      prime-time      sitcoms      trials and tribulations      trivia   
1. Tonight we are going to order a pizza, and then and watch an old movie on TV.

2. Senara is in East Africa helping to make a on the Maasai tribe for the BBC.

3. Research shows that humor is a very effective marketing tool. That's why you see so many funny on TV.

4. When they asked me if I wanted to help them move, I replied, ". I hate packing boxes and carrying furniture."

5. Larry is the king of . He knows millions of useless facts!

6. I need to start getting out more and exercising so I don't turn into a .

7. Soap operas are usually inexpensive television programs shown during the day. They are made quickly and cheaply and lack the production quality seen in dramas.

8. Although I like stand-up comedy and comic films, I don't really care for . The stories always seem the same to me.

9. I love that on Thursday nights about the difficulties of working in an inner-city hospital.

10. Her novel describes in detail the of being a pioneer in 19th century America.
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